artist resume template by Alicia Puig

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Professional Artist Resume

If you're eager to start submitting your work to juried opportunities and galleries, you'll need to put together an artist's resume to showcase your achievements, awards, media features, and more. This is one important way for those reviewing your work (writers, curators, gallerists, collectors, etc) to get to know you! But writing an artist resume isn't exactly like a traditional resume, which can be confusing. If you're wondering what a professional artist resume format looks like, check out this simple, downloadable artist's resume template.

This artist's resume template is written as an annotated Word document with helpful notes and examples that explain the proper formatting and organization. Then, on the second page is a blank version that you can easily fill in with your own information. You'll also receive a separate PDF guide with ten additional bonus tips on how to write your artist's resume that includes common do's and don'ts.