Camille Myles

Camille Myles Artist Biography 

She received her BFA at Ottawa University and her MA in Heritage Conservation at Carleton University. Marrying her passion for conservation and art, she has worked as an archaeologist, in art galleries and was a Park Superintendent. Myles has exhibited extensively including Quest Art Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, BHA Gallery, Arts Mums United, Visionary Art Collective, Arts to Hearts Project, PxP Contemporary, Ottawa Art Gallery, Gallery 115, among others.

Being drawn to the power of public art as a social community conversation, the artist has been creating murals and large-scale public art sculptures in Midland and in Penetanguishene. Her work has been featured by the Art Seen Magazine, Jealous Curator, Toronto Star, Create! Magazine, Visionary Art Collective, Arts to Hearts Project, Women United in Art Magazine and podcasts including Colour Me Happy, Art Sisters Podcast, Arts Mums United, Hot Mess to Awesomeness & CFRH. She’s won the Diamond Jubilee Medal and finalist of the Canadian RBC New Painting Competition. Originally from Gatineau, Quebec, she now lives along the shores of Georgian Bay, in Tiny Ontario with her husband and three young children.


Our world is pleading to us, crying out to see change. Evoking a highly emotional response, these watercolor paintings reflect our environment’s plea to listen to the cries of the seemingly calm landscapes that surround us. Hope and beauty come through in the deep blue and vibrant green hues. These landscapes tell a story of change and transformation in the face of contemporary living, where our environment has become unpredictable and in distress due to human intervention and exploitation. 
Featured in Art Seen Magazine, this series titled "Crying Landscapes” are watercolors on Yupo paper (large and small formats) and have been created based on explorations over many months and during an art residency on Vancouver Island. They depict abstracted landscapes inspired by Georgian Bay and Coastal BC in blues and greens with simple drawing forms that bleed out on the page as they dry in a poetic and unexpected way. After visiting Old Growth logging sites, the artist was struck by the changes to the land and wanted to create imagery that reflects what remains hidden, silenced.

Our relationship with ownership and control over the natural world has become a recurring theme in her work. Myles' imagery and landscapes remind us that our time on this Earth is finite, that everything comes back to a natural state of being, and from decay and change we find new growth and hope. 

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