Emily Mullet

Emily Mullet Artist Biography

Emily Mullet is a mixed media artist based in the Greater Philadelphia region. She has a diverse artistic background ranging from ceramics to painting. In her current work, she uses stencils with aerosol paint and acrylic paint between multiple layers of reflective resin. This use of resin creates subtle shadows between each layer of paint to build multidimensional worlds. Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art with an emphasis in painting and graphic design from the College of the Ozarks in 2012.


I find myself continually drawn to metaphors found in plants and flowers. In the Resilience collection, featuring bright yellow dandelions, I explore the audacity of flowers classified as weeds. Among the first to show up each spring, these uninvited dendelions bloom exclusively for themselves and without shame. From sidewalk cracks to lush lawns, they choose to thrive and grow in whatever environment they are given.

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