Piya Samant

Piya Samant Artist Biography

Born and raised in India, Piya Samant now lives and paints in the awe-inspiring New England region, USA. After pursuing a career in Technology, she picked up the brush again in 2014 and commenced her full-time art practice. 

Piya’s paintings are characterized by colorful, light-filled canvases in a painterly style. Her work is exhibited in museums and galleries across USA. As a self-taught artist, Piya has learned art techniques by observing artworks of Master artists. She is represented by PXPContemporary and ArtsPlus galleries.

In 2022, Piya received a WCC/ Mass Cultural State grant to further her painting endeavors. 


Beauty is fleeting and my desire to capture the beauty of life (be it human, flora, or fauna) is irresistible. As an introvert, I connect more with people's body language and less with their words. Through paintings, I attempt to immortalize the beauty of my subjects in their entirety; not just their face/body but also their character. Floral still lifes are a painting delight because I am able to project emotions onto unsuspecting flowers through the play of light and strategically placed brushstrokes.

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