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Piya Samant is a self-taught visual artist and art curator. Born and raised in India, she now resides and works out of her home studio in Massachusetts. She got her Masters's and MBA in tech and after working in the tech world for well over a decade, she decided to pursue her career as a full-time artist in 2014. Piya works primarily in oil on wood and paper but also enjoys working in graphite, ink, and gouache. She paints commissioned portraits of people, pets, and homes. Her current body of work features two ongoing series: HOPE, a floral still-life series, and LIFE, a figurative series. 

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Beauty is fleeting and my desire to capture the beauty of life (be it human, flora, or fauna) is irresistible. As an introvert, I connect more with people's body language and less with their words. Through paintings, I attempt to immortalize the beauty of my subjects in their entirety; not just their face/body but also their character. Floral still lifes are a painting delight because I am able to project emotions onto unsuspecting flowers through the play of light and strategically placed brushstrokes.

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