Affordable Artwork: 5 Picks Under $500

Affordable Artwork: 5 Picks Under $500

My mission in starting PxP Contemporary was always to prove that buying high-quality original art can be done in an accessible way that works for everyone at any budget. I scour the globe (okay, mostly Instagram and art exhibitions!) to find talented emerging artists whose work pays attention to craft and detail, explores color or media in a unique way, utilizes symbolism and narrative to evoke meaning, or all of the above and more. Then, I curate these artists and their work into exciting group exhibitions and special collections that I share with you through PxP Contemporary.

PxP is meant to be small and curated so that you don't have to search through thousands of options to find art you can afford to love. And today, I'm putting the spotlight on five works of affordable art that are under the price point of $500. 


Affordable Artwork: 4 Picks for August

Ingrid V. Wells original affordable artwork

Ingrid V. Wells affordable artwork contemporary painting

"Whoa" & "I'm Speaking"
Ingrid V. Wells
8 x 8 
Oil on panel
$225 each or both for $405 (Automatic 10% off when you buy two pieces at once)

At this price point, you can collect these two eye-catching works by Ingrid V. Wells from the artist's Her Marbles series. This pair would be perfect stacked on a thin vertical space or integrated within a colorful gallery wall. 

Emily Mullet Empower original resin art

Emily Mullet
11 x 14 
Aerosol paint, acrylic paint, and resin on panel

The title says it all! Get a daily dose of resilience, strength, and grace with this mixed media artwork by Emily Mullet. Hang it in a well-lit spot to fully appreciate the depth created by the layers of resin and all of the details in this piece.


Lydia Cecilia original affordable collage artwork

"Rayo de Luz"
Lydia Cecilia
16 x 20
Analog collage

The most budget-friendly of this group, this original analog collage is a must-have for any who love vintage glamour. With its striking contrast between the monochromatic figure and blooming florals, artist Lydia Cecilia explores themes of self-acceptance, beauty, and freedom in her feminist-inspired work. 


affordable artwork chloe mceldowney original painting

"Sun Drenched"
Chloe McEldowney
11 x 14
Oil on panel

Fresh, bright, and full of joyful colors! Notice the subtle textures and rich colors that make this painting truly one of a kind. Not to mention, this is the one plant that anyone can keep alive ;) 


Thanks so much for reading! You can always reach out to me at with any questions and see even more affordable artwork on our full collection page.