Affordable Contemporary Art Gift Guide!

Affordable Contemporary Art Gift Guide!

With many holidays coming up in the late spring and early summer seasons, you will probably find yourself looking for the perfect gift for a friend, family member or other loved one. That's where we can help!

PxP Contemporary offers a variety of affordable contemporary artwork, all in an accessible range for both collecting and gifting. And while everyone has their own taste in art, in this curated list, I've pulled selections based on different styles so that you can match the right artwork to the right recipient. 

Now let's look at options for art you can afford to love! 

Classic & Elegant

'Ramble on Rose' by Piya Samant

Whimsical & Vintage

Shawna Gilmore PxP Contemporary
'Polly And Poppy In The Pale Pink Woods' by Shawna Gilmore


Abstract & Modern

'Peony Bulbs' by Manty Dey


Serene & Calming

Gabrielle Strong pxp contemporary
'Mini 22-27' by Gabrielle Strong


Fresh & Vibrant

Neena Buxani PxP Contemporary
'Roses and Romance' by Neena Buxani


Chic & Contemporary 

Margot Dermody pxp contemporary
'Dancer 9' by Margot Dermody


Thank you so much for reading. Stay tuned for more guides and curator's picks coming soon! If you'd like to have exclusive access to new artwork releases and be the first to hear about gallery news, I invite you to join our mailing list. You can also view our full collection or browse by artist for even more gift ideas. Finally, we do offer gift cards if you'd prefer that your recipient choose their own favorite artwork.