Curator's Picks for

Curator's Picks for "Take Flight' by Alexandra Harper

We were excited to have Alexandra Harper of Women of Culture do our next round of Curator's Picks for our current exhibition "Take Flight." Here are her selections: 

Claire Crawford Looking original painting

Claire Crawford, Looking 

"I love the contrast between abstraction and representation in Claire's work. From a distance, you might only see the washes of color, which draw you in to look closer. Then, upon closer examination, the bird forms become more clear. I am drawn to the way the colors create movement, capturing the flood of color you experience when seeing a bird in flight."

JJ Galloway, Strawberry Shortcake Pigeon 

"There is such a sense of fun and whimsy in JJ Galloway's work that is refreshing. I immediately feel drawn to this bird in particular because I get a sense of its character. There is so much life in its eyes and the tilt of its head so that it feels less like an inanimate object and more like a close friend."

Leah Guzman she's almighty original artwork

Leah Guzman, She's Almighty 

I felt a connection to this piece before I knew its title, which makes me appreciate it even more. I love the idea of this bird being a queen who rules her queendom. I also like the non-traditional shape of the canvas and how the hexagon is repeated within the work itself. 

Make sure to check out the show before it closes on December 15th!